Season Two of Dark Matter

Season two of SyFy's Dark Matter has been pure fun so far, with a few casualties.  But I warn you - do not read any further if you are not current on the episodes. 

First, I like the new characters in the ship, originally three and now two. A doctor (Devon) and another weapons master (Nyx) makes sense.  I am not sure how long the two of them will last, but I like the addition. 

Second, I'm intrigued by the focus on doubles - doubt lives, double deaths, and double droids. The death of both versions of the character One, if it is to be believed, seemed pretty final for an interesting character. And the new version of the android Seven, still arguing with her earlier self, added a fun crew member to an often dark story. 

And finally, the opening credits, special effects, and even plots seem more professional. This is something I would expect with time and maybe more money.

So sit back and enjoy the show. SyFy found that magic formula that keeps all of us coming back for more. 

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